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Features of the Jevin referee/officials assignment tool include:

  • Automatic Assignment Assignment is done automatically so you don't have to spend hours doing game assignments.
  • Self Registration Referees/Officials 'register' themselves. Part of the registration process is entering the days and times that the official/referee can not work.The assignment program works around these holidays/blackout times making sure that it does not schedule a referee/official during requested time off.
  • Assignment Confirmation Referees/Officials can confirm/reject a game assignment.
  • Game Change Notification When a game is changed, both the assignor and the officials receive notification.
  • QualificationThe Jevin referee/official assignment tool makes sure that the official being scheduled meets the qualifications (i.e. grade) for the assignment.
  • Other jobs The assignment tool can also be used to schedule other game functions such as scorekeeper, announcer, concession, gate, etc.

More Jevin Features


The ultimate in custom online/offline registration


Unmatched tools for creating and editing schedules and brackets of all types


Automated and manual drafting tools with many exciting features that ensure your teams are created effectively


Game officials integrated with the rest of your organization…instead of pushed to another program


Create your own standings including multi-levels of tie-breakers


Registration, brackets, notices… everything you need in ONE complete package


Every type of report and admin function you can think off… and then some


Integrated email, text, and voice messaging…no need for expensive third party software