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The Jevin system offers several different reports and administrative tools. These reports/tools are viewable in your web browser and downloadable to your PC's hard drive.

Below are only some of the reports/tools provided by the Jevin system in .pdf and .csv format.

Coaching Conflict Identification - identifies game conflicts for coaches who lead more than one team.

  • Payment Reports - verify who has paid, how they paid, and who has a remaining balance.
  • Roster - roster lists with contact information including parents names so the coach/instructor can address the parents by name.
  • Uniform Size/Numbers Report - uniform size/number report...great for giving to the company that screens your uniforms.
  • Birth Certificate Verification - once a player's age has been verified, the birth date can no longer be changed. Easy to run report that lists whose age has not been verified with the ability to contact them instantly!
  • Printable Waiver Forms - print your waiver to be signed in two different page per team or one page per participant.
  • Volunteer Lists - report that shows who volunteered during the registration process. List is sorted by job they volunteered to perform.
  • Coaches Registration - register your coaches online and perform background checks from the information that is collected online without any data entry or without going to another provider.
  • Player Division Change (Play-up/Play-down) - allows you to place a participant in a league outside of a league's age range.
  • Standings Configuration - allow you to define the method of calculating standings and which information is displayed in the standings.
  • Schedule Summary - show the number of games, home/visitor games, start times, and a whole lot more information about each team's schedule.
  • Participation Reports - see who didn't return from last season, participation by age/grade level, year-to-year trends and much more.

More Jevin Features


The ultimate in custom online/offline registration


Unmatched tools for creating and editing schedules and brackets of all types


Automated and manual drafting tools with many exciting features that ensure your teams are created effectively


Game officials integrated with the rest of your organization…instead of pushed to another program


Create your own standings including multi-levels of tie-breakers


Registration, brackets, notices… everything you need in ONE complete package


Every type of report and admin function you can think off… and then some


Integrated email, text, and voice messaging…no need for expensive third party software