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Quick setup

Once we agree that Jevin is right for your organization we will have you up and running within 24-48 hours.

Jevin is a sports management company that offers you a back office solution to help run and organize your league. We offer a one-stop web-based software system that can do online registrations, rosters, schedules, emails, results, standing, reports and more.

Who Uses Jevin

The answer is simple… administrators of all sports who truly want to save time, improve communications with their patrons, and generally make their league stand above the rest. With Jevin, you get a company who was created specifically to create software for sports organizations. This focus along with the unprecendented world-class support that only a company like Jevin can provide makes Jevin the only real choice for your sports organization.

The Board

  • Utilize historical data
  • One central place to store records
  • Piece of mind that data is secure
  • More...

Coach / Team Mom

  • Communicate with your team
  • Set practice schedule
  • Assign “Game day” responsibilities
  • More...


  • Easy to use
  • Best schedule editor on market
  • League and Tournament formats
  • More...

Officials / Referees / Umpires

  • Review, accept/reject assignments
  • Assignment reminders
  • Ability to input vacation requests
  • More...

Officials Assignor

  • Integrated with schedule
  • Email alerts for upcoming games needing officials/referees/umpires
  • Payroll tracking/reporting
  • More...

Players / Parents

  • Convenient online registration
  • Up to date schedules/standings
  • Courtesy reminders
  • More...

Director / Player Agent

  • Auto/manual player drafting tools
  • Automated team assignment notice
  • Automatic schedule creation
  • More...

Registrar / Treasurer

  • Ability to customize registration
  • One-click integration with national organizations
  • Instant enrollment numbers snapshot
  • More...



The ultimate in custom online/offline registration


Unmatched tools for creating and editing schedules and brackets of all types


Automated and manual drafting tools with many exciting features that ensure your teams are created effectively


Game officials integrated with the rest of your organization…instead of pushed to another program


Create your own standings including multi-levels of tie-breakers


Registration, brackets, notices… everything you need in ONE complete package


Every type of report and admin function you can think off… and then some


Integrated email, text, and voice messaging…no need for expensive third party software